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Dr. Grego received her PhD in physics from the Caltech in 1999. She was a postdoctoral researcher for three years at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, where she investigated issues in cosmology using X-ray, radio, and optical data, and numerical simulation. She has been at UCS since 2002. Areas of expertise: Space weapons and security, ballistic missile proliferation, ballistic missile defense

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Ground-based Midcourse Missile Defense Test Slated for Thursday

A test of the Ground-based Interceptor (GBI) is scheduled for Thursday, January 28, sometime between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. Pacific Standard Time. Read more >

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Southern California was freaking out this past weekend when this appeared in the skies: Read more >

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Space-based missile defense. Again?

The concept of zombies, coopted and corrupted as it has been over time, seems to follow the cultural moment. Apparently, the idea of a creature that persistently gets up after it’s good and knocked down really resonates with Americans. (I agree with the commentators who suggest we have reached “peak zombie.”) Clearly, however, Congress is not on the cultural vanguard, and seems not to have gotten the message that we are all set with the undead. Read more >

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U.S. and China Talk Civil Space Cooperation

With little fanfare beyond a State Department press release, the United States on Monday began bilateral discussions with China on civil space cooperation.

You would be forgiven for not thinking that’s remarkable, since the United States and China are the two biggest space players. Why wouldn’t they be talking at a high level about space debris, how to avoid satellite collisions, and ways to collaborate on space science or coordinate weather observations?

But in fact, it has been extraordinarily difficult to get this to happen and it deserves a bit of applause. Read more >

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New Update to UCS Satellite Database

An updated version of the UCS Satellite Database has just been posted. This update includes satellites launched through August 31, 2015. Currently, we tally 1305 actively operating satellites. (Reminder: a detailed discussion of what we mean by “active” can be found here.) Read more >

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