Time to Reduce Nuclear Dangers

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Dick Garwin and I recently wrote an op-ed making the case that it’s time for the United States to take steps to reduce the dangers posed by large nuclear arsenals. We argue that President Obama should reduce the total U.S. arsenal—short-range and long-range, deployed and stored—to 1,000 weapons and eliminate the U.S. policy of launch-on-warning.

The op-ed has been published in a number of papers, including here.


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About the author: Dr. Gronlund received her PhD in physics from Cornell University in 1989. She was a postdoctoral fellow at the MIT Defense and Arms Control Studies Program and an SSRC-MacArthur Foundation Fellow in International Peace and Security at the Center for International Security Studies at the University of Maryland. She is a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science and the American Physical Society (APS), and was a recipient of the APS Joseph A. Burton Forum Award in 2001. She has been at UCS since 1992. Areas of expertise: U.S. nuclear weapons and nuclear weapons policy, nuclear terrorism and international fissile material control, ballistic missile defense. Lisbeth also blogs on the Equation.

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  • Sean McKinnon

    These are the types of things UCS should spend it’s energy on things that will help mankind not attacking the only viable large scale source of carbon free electricity. Keep fighting nuclear weapons!