UCS Briefing on Nuclear Power Safety

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Last Tuesday evening, November 13, we held an online web briefing on nuclear power safety issues. After short remarks by Dave Lochbaum, Rob Cowin, and Sean Meyer, they responded to questions from people listening in over the web.

We’ve posted an audio recording of the presentations and Q&A, and the slides from the briefing. Note that the page with the slideshow also includes notes that accompany each of the slides.


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About the author: Dr. Wright received his PhD in physics from Cornell University in 1983, and worked for five years as a research physicist. He was an SSRC-MacArthur Foundation Fellow in International Peace and Security in the Center for Science and International Affairs in the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard, and a Senior Analyst at the Federation of American Scientists. He is a Fellow of the American Physics Society (APS) and a recipient of APS Joseph A. Burton Forum Award in 2001. He has been at UCS since 1992. Areas of expertise: Space weapons and security, ballistic missile proliferation, ballistic missile defense, U.S. nuclear weapons and nuclear weapons policy. David also blogs on the Equation.

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