Indian Point Unit 2 Cruising Down Davis-Besse Boulevard

June 25, 2010
Dave Lochbaum
Former contributor

During every refueling outage since 1993 at Indian Point Unit 2 (IP-2) in New York, radioactively contaminated water has been leaking into containment at rates between two and ten gallons per minute. The NRC is well aware of the problem and the repeated failures to correct it.

A recent NRC inspection reportfor IP-2 contains many items that closely resemble conditions at Davis-Besse prior to the belated discovery of the football-sized hole in its reactor vessel head.

A UCS letter sent to R. William Borchardt, NRC Executive Director for Operations, calls attention to those parallels, and calls for the NRC to take whatever measures are needed to remedy these problems before IP-2 conducts another refueling.