Feedback to the NRC on Fukushima Task Force Recommendations

September 30, 2011
David Wright
Former contributor

Ed Lyman, UCS Senior Scientist, took part in a small meeting with the NRC Commissioners on September 14 to provide comments on the “short-term actions” recommended by the NRC Task Force that was set up following the Fukushima nuclear accident. A panel of experts provided comments on the Task Force recommendations:

  • William Leith, Earthquake Hazards Program Coordinator, U.S. Geological Survey
  • Charles Pardee, Chairman, Industry Fukushima Response Steering Committee and Chief Operating Officer, Exelon Generation
  • Thomas Cochran, Natural Resources Defense Council
  • Ed Lyman, Union of Concerned Scientists
  • Sue Perkins-Grew, Director, Emergency Preparedness, Nuclear Energy Institute
  • Patrick Mulligan, State of New Jersey and Federal Radiological Preparedness Coordinating Committee

Ed’s presentation can be found here.

Following comments by the panelists, the NRC staff made a presentation to the Commissioners on these short term actions.