Panel+1 Discussion on San Onofre Reactor

October 12, 2012
David Wright
Former contributor

San Onofre reactor

On Tuesday, California radio station KCRW’s Which Way, LA? with Warren Olney had four guests on to discuss the possible restart of reactor #2 at San Onofre, where two plants have been shut down due to cracked tubes in the steam generators.

You can listen to the program, “SanOnofre: The Nuclear Plant in LA’s Backyard” by clicking on this link.

The first guest was Jennifer Manfre, Senior Manager for Media Relations for Southern California Edison, which is the company that operates the plant. Olney, the host of the program, notes that she “did not want to interact with our other guests,” so she was interviewed by herself.

The rest of the program is a panel discussion with

  • Crystal Coleman, mother of three from Vista, CA
  • Torgen Johnson, urban planner from Solana Beach, CA
  • Dave Lochbaum, UCS

Later that same day, there was a public meeting to discuss the possible restart of Unit 2.