FOIA Documents from NRC

April 8, 2011
Ed Lyman
Director, Nuclear Power Safety

As noted in our post on Wednesday, in February 2011 UCS filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for all information associated with the NRC’s “State of the Art Reactor Consequence Analyses,” or SOARCA, program.

SOARCA, according to the NRC, is “a research effort to realistically estimate the outcomes of postulated severe accident scenarios that might cause a nuclear power plant to release radioactive material into the environment.”

We have had questions about the program and the analysis it is performing, which led us to file the FOIA request

UCS received the first batch of FOIA documents in early March; these were documents that were already publicly available. The second set of FOIA documents arrived on March 25. Both sets are available on the NRC website at the links provided.