Green, with Envy

November 4, 2010
Nickolas Roth

Among all the elections results, you might have missed one small but interesting story.

Tom Clements, longtime friend of UCS and Green Party candidate for South Carolina’s Senate seat, took 9.4% of the vote, receiving 118,891 votes. Tom is thus the envy of most third-party candidates across the country, receiving more votes than any other green party candidate. Only one other national third party candidate in the country got more votes, and that was in California where the Libertarian got just 1.7% of the total vote.

That said, Tom did lose to Republican Jim DeMint, who voted against the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (New START) in the Foreign Relations committee. But the strength of Tom’s showing indicates a desire among a significant portion of citizens for a real alternative to DeMint’s anti-arms control approach. Tom tells us he did talk about New START regularly as he campaigned around the state.

When he is not running for office, Tom is the Southeast Coordinator for the public interest group Friends of the Earth. For more than a decade, he has been an ardent opponent of proposals to reprocess spent nuclear fuel and build a Mixed Oxide (MOX) fuel plant. UCS Senior Scientist Ed Lyman has worked on quite a bit on both of these issues. For more info on Ed’s work, take a look at his fact sheet on Reprocessing and Nuclear Waste and his Letter to Former Secretary Bodman on MOX.

U.S. Senate  in South Carolina    
Candidate            Votes            %
DeMint (R)          791,627         62%
Greene (D)         358,069         28%
Clements (G)      118,891          9%